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Weekly Jump Off 19

Week 19!

Alright.  Gonna try a slightly new (well, probably old, and the way I used to do it.  I don't remember.) format.  I'm probably still going to write these at the 11th hour, knowing me, but I'm going to actually read them first only writing the most basic of points  Then I'll write what I remember and only go back to pick up some details.  This way they'll be shorter, and actually the parts worth remembering, right?  I still plan on going through the end of the year.  We need an ultimate champion!

Not a terrible week, but I've seen better.  Also, more Gantz, and screw proofreading this time, I'm tired.

Don't forget... SPOILERS!!!!!

Here goes...

One Piece

Last chapter of the side-story shows Ace and Whitebeard's graves.  Manly tears to be shed.  Moving on...  Law wants to ally himself with Luffy to take down one of the Four Emperors.  Luffy asks which one.  Law says it, but we aren't privy to that info.  However, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess it's not Shanks, as Luffy smiles and agrees.  Usopp brings up the point that Luffy is too trusting, but Luffy backs it up in saying that the whole crew has trained for two years, and they could take down Law if he tries anything funny.  In what some might call gratitude, Law gives them a gift; they get there bodies back.  Well, most of them do.  Sanji is out searching for that samurai, so Nami gets put in his body.  And Chopper gets the short end of the stick, as his body was recently beaten to hell and back by Luffy.  Nami and Chopper still maintain that they want to save these kids and Sanji wanted the samurai.  Luffy says that they have to complete these tasks before they go on Law's mission.  Law hesitates, but Usopp warns Law that this is only the beginning of Luffy's stubbornness.  Law quickly changes his mind and decides to get Luffy's stuff over with.  Law is in charge of finding the drugs that the kids were on, and since Chopper is going with him for that, Usopp ties him to Law's head.  Law has a better place for Chopper in what I can only describe as, I'd buy that in plastic!

Law gives a quick history of how Ceaser was a former government scientist, and how dangerous he is.  Haki is a requirement for them trying to capture him, so that leaves the job to Luffy, Law, Zoro, and Sanji.  Cut to Smoker and the other Marines.  They are battling there way out of the lab to get out of there and report their findings to headquarters.  Meanwhile, we see a new gargantuan creature known as Slime appear on the fire side of the island.


Itachi starts to explain Izanami to Sasuke.  He even has diagrams and crap!  He gets really detailed in his explanation, but as we know, it basically puts the victim in an endless loop.  There is a way out, and it is basically to know thyself.  If you know stop deceiving yourself and accept your fate, the jutsu will break.  In the most basic sense, it was a jutsu created to keep arrogant Uchiha in line and to not rely on jutsu like Izanagi.  Kabuto is learning a harsh lesson here as Itachi is preparing to end the Edo Tensei once and for all.


It seems that Ayon's Derp Attack has failed, and Opie unleashes a new technique.  This technique of his literally enslaves reishi, as he peels Ayon away and basically merges with him.  The Fracción make an invisibility cloak of sorts to hide in with Orihime, but Opie shatters that quickly, as he is just super powerful.  As Orihime is about to be soul crushed, it's time for Ichigo to come back swinging.  He has a pretty cool line that goes something like, "If I crush your head, you can't use that attack anymore."  We then cut to Soul Society where the Quincy have arrived to fuck shit up.


Reborn claims to know nothing of the meaning of the curse of the Arcobaleno, except for "The Fated Day", which happens to be depicted on these cave walls.  The Fated Day was the day that the seven strongest became the Arcobaleno.  They were a team of assassins that were the best of the best that got lucrative contracts that paid out a handsomely.  Although they didn't do it for the money, they did it for the glory.  Their last mission was to climb up a mountain to claim a treasure.  This is when the bright light hit and they became the baby Arcobaleno we all know and love.  An extra tidbit would be that Colonello was not a part of this group, he was just following them, and jumped in the way of Lal Mirch.  He took the brunt of the light, so he became the Arcobaleno, while Lal Mirch was just like some sort of halfling.  Anyway, Bermuda comes in and tells them to take off their watches, as they don't want Checkerface to hear their plot.  So basically the curse of the Arcobaleno goes through cycles.  Through all of the ages, the seven strongest are chosen as a sacrifice to protect the pacifiers, basically.  This is what the current war is about.  No one's curse will be undone, but it is just a test to determine the next seven, similar to the contracts that trapped the current babies.  When the curse is passed on, most die, but the ones that don't become Vindice.  Bermuda wants to win the war, as this is the only way he can think of to get close to Chcekerface.  He wants to kill him and end this cycle once and for all.  Does Reborn agree?  Tune in next week!

And the Winner:

Well, we had the pirate alliance last time, and there were some good moments in One Piece, but I liked the story revelations in Reborn this week.  Nothing too shocking, but I guess I didn't see that coming.  A neat little twist that deserves a point on the board.


7 3 3 6
One Piece Naruto Bleach Reborn!

Bonus Chapter: GANTZ

Nishi is a good one punch from toppling the tower, when he comes face to face with Kei.  Cut to Nishi's father.  You read that right.  Nishi's father talking to another guy about how Nishi was pretty much a wet bed away from being a serial killer.  Then cut to Kei's dad for some reason, disgraced at his son, and practically wishing he didn't exist.  Enough of that family crap, and the spacecraft leaves Tokyo.  Then we get a few pages of Nishi and Kei beating on each other, with Nishi getting crazier in each panel.  Nishi sees Tae and aims a blast at her.  I guess we'll see what happens to her next time... but if she's dead and Kei isn't, I wouldn't want to be Nishi.

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