Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Weekly Jump Off 18

Week 18!

Is this week more than just a pretty face?  Well we've got a lot of action this week; that's a plus.  But who is the actioniest?

Don't forget... SPOILERS!!!!!

Here goes...

One Piece

Luffy surveys the damage, and decides it's time to leave and go rescue Nami.  Franky wants his body back as well so he demands Chopper hand him his rumble balls so he can transform into the monster point.  Chopper tells him to just use Kung Fu point for now, but we could already guess that Franky took enough to turn into the monster form, and since he can't handle it, he's rampagin'!  Cut to the Yeti Bros. and Nami.  They're commenting on how cool Franky (or his body, anyway) is.  Luffy and Franky catch up with the Yeti brothers and start fightin'!  We get to see some new stuff that Luffy's learned during the time skip; like when he uses Gomu Gomu no Fuusen, instead of just reflecting cannon balls, he now aims them to make them precise and twice as deadly!  Also, more rampagin'.  After Franky smacks one of the Yeti bros. with the peak of a mountain, he turns back on Luffy.  Luffy smacks Franky with a Gomu Gomu Elephant Gun, and now Franky's out of commission.  The Yeti's take flight knowing Luffy couldn't catch them in their element, when Law appears.  He slices both Yeti's in half, and he wants to talk to Luffy.  Apparently there's some big dealy on this island that can change the world.  But more importantly, Law proposes an alliance with Luffy.


We start this chapter with how Gantz is and how the WWE should be: less talky, more fighty.  Kabuto's on the attack, and Sasuke fires back... literally.  Sasuke gets knocked down and Itachi's back in the fight.  In a giant "duh" moment for me, because it's stated, I remember that Itachi can regenerate his body thanks to the Edo Tensei.  So Itachi can't be physically harmed, and genjutsu won't work on Kabuto sense he sealed his eyes a few chapters back.  I think its finally time for whatever the hell Izanami is.  More in the style of Gantz, we get a few pages of Itachi and Kabuto trading blows.  Kabuto's horn gets sliced off... again.  Now he knows something's up because that horn was already cut off.  He claims it's impossible that it would be genjutsu, but Itachi claims otherwise.  More fighting, and Kabuto's horn gets sliced off again.  That's a third time if you're keeping count.  Whassupwitdat?  Well it seems the Izanami was successful, trapping Kabuto in an infinite loop of which he cannot escape of him getting his horn cut off.  Just like Izanagi, it surpasses the five senses, so it wouldn't matter if Kabuto was blind.


The Fracción power up their creature to the maximum level of derpy strength and he begins his rampage.  Opie stands with confidence, but it looks like he gets soul crushed!  Cut to Soul Society where Shino and Yuki are running around like idiots.  Yuki asks why Shinigami and Quincy can't just get along, when we get a history lesson from the 6th seat of Squad Thirteen, apparently.  Back to Opie just getting the everloving crap pummeled out of him.  Or so it seems.  He's still strong enough to shoot an arrow through one of the Fracción, dust himself off, and decide to kill everyone.


Round 2!  or 3.  I'm not keeping count.  We're anticipating a clash of superpowers here... and nothing?  Tsuna apparently outwits the Vindice, by making the same motions as him, just as fast so it appears as if he's sitting still.  One attack later and the fight is over.  The Arcabalenos' pacifiers start to resonate, and Bermuda appears.  He makes Reborn an offer to join his team, to which Reborn flat out just calls him retarded.  Bermuda figured that would be the response, but he says once Reborn knows the truth, he will join.  A warp hole opens up and Reborn gets sucked in, along with Tsuna who is trying to rescue him.  Reborn claims that he let himself get sucked in, because he was interested in Bermuda's bold claims, which are, just as Reborn suspected, the secrets of the Arcobaleno.

And the Winner:

An epic alliance between Luffy and Law?  I'll take it!


7 3 3 5
One Piece Naruto Bleach Reborn!

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