Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Weekly Jump Off 17

Week 17!

Or is it 18?   Nah, 17.  I'm not counting Golden Week.  This week was really kind of meh, so I'm expecting good things next week.  Well there was one good thing at least...  and I think I say the word creepy in two different sections.  For different reasons, I assure you.

Also.... another new Gantz.

Don't forget... SPOILERS!!!!!

Here goes...

One Piece

Ah, Bon Clay!  There he is.  The new queen of of Newkamaland.  Anyway, I'm expecting something from this, being One Piece's Chapter of the Beast.  Apparently the Yeti Cool Brothers (mistranslation last week, I'm assuming.  Yeti makes more sense), have killed the three Mugiwara that went outside.  Obviously no reader believes this, but let's play along.  Small flashback to when Law arrived on Punk Hazard.  Nothing much worth noting other than Law wants to be under the radar, and him and Ceaser have agreed to stay out of each other's ways.  Some shit starts going down with Nami's team.  Seems like an attack of some sort.  It's big enough to catch the notice of Luffy who wants to go back because of it.  It's the Yeti Snow Bros., here to take down the Straw Hats, and Brownbeard, of whom they shoot right in the freakin' face!  Luffy's made it and he's pissed!  Luffy lunges for the attack, but they disappear.  Apparently the Yetis only wanted Franky alive, as he is part Vegapunk tech.  Then Law decides to leave the facility, cutting up some of Ceaser's men in the process.


Kabuto exits flashback mode, and prepares to attack.  Itachi apparently has something else in addition to Izanami that he's preparing, but he's taking his sweet time.  For those of you who missed the Sound ninjas, Kabuto's bringing them all out to the party in his own creepy way.  He uses Kidoumaru's webbing, to which the Ucha Luchas counter with a double Amaterasu, to which Kabuto counters that with Kimmimaro's bone forrest.  The Super Uchiha Bros. then cut this forest down with two times the Susanoo.  What could be next!?   Kabuto takes the Uchihas to band camp, that's what's next!  And what do you know, Susanoo can't stop sounds, so they're caught up in a genjutsu.  Kabuto now brings out the patriarch of this crazy Sound family, then Itachi starts to talk him down.  This slows him for a bit, but he sends Orochimaru to strike.  Itachi breaks the genjutsu with another genjutsu, and now it's Izanami time. Kabuto then cuts Itachi in half, which seems legit, but I'm not counting my chickens.


Opie has performed Letzt Stil, and he's looking pretty formidable... but we're talking with Urahara for now.  Urahara explains Letzt Stil, but apparently Opie is using something different.  Ichigo lets a Getsuga Tenshou loose, but it does little more than tear some clothing.  Opie starts gathering this crazy amount of reishi to deliver some justice, when hey that creature looks familiar.  Looks like Halibel's Fracción are back in the battle.


Oh it's time for more Chrome!  In a rare, possibly mildly creepy moment, I'm going to say... I need to see this in cosplay, like yessterday! Will anyone answer my challenge!  (Reminds me of a funny Metrocon story... ask me and I'll elaborate.)  Anyway, let's see if this dual attack from Chrome and Mukuro means anything.  It seems to be working.  It even has Bermuda deep in thought.  Not over Mukuro, mind you, but Reborn.  Two of the Vindice seem to be spent, but one is still truckin'.  He goes for Mukuro and Chrome, but is blocked by Tsuna.  Reborn gives Tsuna a pep-talk, the best way he can, and this fight is still on.

And the Winner:

Do I have to say it?  I bothered to upload a damn picture.  I know, it's practically the same reason as last week, but this was the best Jump had to offer me this week.


6 3 3 5
One Piece Naruto Bleach Reborn!


As Tae's car goes crashing down, Kei takes flight to try and save them.  The alien chick pops out of the still falling car, and tosses Tae at Kei, also reminding him that there are two sides to every story.  Kei and Tae embrace, which is sweet.  But enough of that mushy stuff!  Bring on Nishi and his huge boner for this mech.  Drunk with power, Nishi starts crushing all opposition.  Back to Kei and Tae.  Tae pleads with Kei not to destroy the tower, as it will destroy the alien's world.  Kei shows some resistance to the idea, but Tae makes her case.  Kei suits up, Tae goes with him.  Looks like Kei might have to take down Nishi next time.  We'll see.

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