Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weekly Jump Off 16

Week 16!

Whew... talk about being late.  It's Tuesday night and I'm just catching up... in other words, new chapters start tomorrow.  Heck, some spoiler raws are probably already out.  I've just had too many musical adventures this week I guess.

And.... another new Gantz.  Sporadic.

Don't forget... SPOILERS!!!!!

Here goes...

One Piece

Ah, Magellan... I wondered what happened to him.  More importantly, will Mr. 2 make a cover appearance next week?  One can only hope...  The Straw Hats are hanging out with the kids, building a snowman and whatnot.  Sanji and Brooke decide to go looking for the samurai who is looking for his torso.  Nami makes Zoro go with them to distract Sanji, because their secondary objective is to get some good shots of Nami's body while they have the chance.  Zoro also comes up with a fitting name for the samurai, which I will try and use if I remember.  Lord knows I won't.  Back with the kids; they all start falling ill and talking about this candy they eat.  Chopper, after some medicinal work, figures that these kids aren't ill, but the candy they've been eating was laced with a small amount of a stimulant that they are currently having withdrawal symptoms from.  Chopper deduces that this is so they won't leave the facility.  But why are they needed?  Like a yeti who just had some condoms full of coke burst in his stomach, one kid starts going berserk, with some giant-sized strength.  We find out these kids aren't actually giants, just normal kids who have been experimented on over time.  Luffy's ready to beat these brats, but Usopp, being the resourceful man that he is, has sleeping powder ammunition and sends these kids to nap time.  Back to Zoro's team, and they're all knocked out, surrounded by giant footprints.  We see that this was the work of the Eighty Cool Brothers; some new, probably wonderful, characters.


Starting right were we left off, the Michael Jackson-esque Orochimaru is reuiniting with his prey, Kabuto.  Orochimaru takes him to his lab and reveals why his mother tried to kill him.  Long story short, she was brainwashed over many years into believing that Kabuto was safe and the real Kabuto was someone else.  Root wanted to get rid of both of them as they were too skilled at being spies.  That makes sense so far.  So Kabuto in all of his teenage angst beats the everliving hell out of Orochimaru, but we all know that wasn't gonna do crap.  Orochimaru explains his position, and right then and there they create the Lennon-esque Hidden Village of Sound.  Then we go through the years of all of the experiments, etc. of the Village of Sound, all the while the "information" gathers into a beaker.  The last piece of this information stew is Orochimaru's remains that Kabuto adds, then injects into himself.  So yeah, not as crazy as him eating Orochimaru as we all thought, but still about right.


So the Quincies have decided that since Ichigo has started battle with them, it's time to invade Soul Society.  Some action between Ichigo and Captain Opie, and Ichigo mentions how Ishida was weaker than Opie, but Opie says that would be impossible, then realizes that he spoke too much.  Opie then says that the fight is over and mentions Letzt Stil.  For those who don't remember, since it's been years, Letzt Stil is when a Quincy removes that one glove, which will cause them to lose their powers for an all powerful attack.  Enough to kill a capatin with an active bankai in one quick shot.  We'll have to wait until next week for that, and we end off with the Vandenreich entering Soul Society.


Chrome joins the battle, which I'm totally looking forward to!  The Vindice stop in their tracks, apparently Bermuda is interested in Chrome... but only for another three minutes.  Reborn tells Verde to put his reality inducing equipment on Chrome, to which he objects at first, but Reborn won't have it any other way.  Tsuna demands that Mukuro recreate his illusionary organs for Chrome, but it's not that simple.  Since Mukuro is out of the prison now, Chrome is rejecting these illusions.  She wants to stand on her own as her own person.  But part of her still wants that bond with Mukuro.  Teenage girls, right?  Big surprise.  Anyway, with some talk, she finds her resolve, creates her own set of illusionary organs again, and her and Mukuro go for the combo attack.

And the Winner:

Hmmm.... I don't think it was a bad week, but nothing really stuck out too much.  Bleach left mystery.  Reborn was about Chrome finding herself.  Naruto finished the history of Kabuto.  And One Piece dove into  a bit more about the kids.  Hmmm.... Reborn, because I likes me some Chrome Dokuro.


6 3 3 4
One Piece Naruto Bleach Reborn!


Sakurai wakes up.  He was apparently teleported to a burned out apartment building.  He tries to get up, but we find out that he's a quadruple amputee now.  It's not looking good for him.  He turns his head, and sees a dead alien mother, with two alien kids huddled around her corpse.  He considers destroying them.  Then the building starts to collapse, and he sees Tonkotsu and Sakata again, who suggest that he come with them.  And, predictably, in a last act, Sakurai seems to have saved these children whilst sacrificing himself, leaving him and Reika as two major players that have died so far in this arc.  Back to the other players in the Gantz mechs.  They appeared to have stopped, and they all have their freedom.  Kei escapes (detachable cockpit, it seems) to find Tae in the car with that other alien, only for the car to get shot with a cannon.  I don't think they're quite dead yet, but I wouldn't put it past Gantz.

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