Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekly Jump Off 15

Week 15!

I should be doing a project, but this felt better...

Another decent week.  Mostly backstory for all of them, except Reborn.

Also, it's about time, new Gantz.

Don't forget... SPOILERS!!!!!

Here goes...

One Piece

The Marines start us off talking about the reports of kidnappings going around lately, and how someone within G5 might be part of a cover up.  Also I'd like to mention that this body switching angle is damn hillarious and Oda should keep it up for as long as he can.  In Vegapunk's former lab, Ceasar Clown gets permission to kill pretty much anyone on the island.  Permission from who, I wonder?  Anyway, back to the Straw Hats.  Usopp has made masks for the ones that got their bodies switched so that the rest can tell each other apart.  Then for storytime with Brownbeard, in which he gives a history lesson of Punk Hazard, and we also learn that Ceasar Clown is the user of the Gas Gas Fruit.  And we end off with some more history of the incident at Punk Hazard and why Ceasar Clown should be stopped.


Starting with some more Kabuto backstory, we first see how Orochimaru, allegedly like Michael Jackson, befriends a young boy.  Then we see Danzou in a meeting with Kabuto's "mother".  Apparently she was a decent informant for the ANBU Root back in the day.  Good enough in fact, that Danzou has a high level lengthy mission in the Hidden Stone Village that only she is skilled enough for, and if she refuses, well the orphanage funding will stop to start the list of problems that would begin.  So she accepts.  But that's not good enough, as Danzou wants a fresh kid for the team member he lost previously.  Kabuto, overhearing this crap, volunteers.  Then we get a little montage of him growing up spying on all of the different villages, ending in the Stone Village.  Suddenly he gets attacked, but quickly counterattacks to find out that the attacker was none other than his mother.  When they said long mission, they meant it!  Anyway, he tries to heal her wounds, but she claims not to remember him.  This cracks Kabuto's psyche enough to make him question his existence, until Orochimaru pops out, praising him as well as remembering him.  I see where this is going.


Rukia and Renji are outside waiting for the Captain's meeting to be over. So Kira decides to play Batman and have his own Vice-Captain meeting.  Basically he wants to know what's going down since there were sandal footprints past the 50th district, and that just shouldn't be, unless a shinigami was around.  Back to Hueco Mundo, and Captain Quincy wants to capture Ichigo as a weapon.  They all attack, and by the way they move, Ichigo realizes that they are indeed Quincies.  Quincy Master Zangetsu-type gets word of this and decides that there's no better time to attack Soul Society, since Ichigo will be tied up for a bit.  Back to the Captains, Mayuri and Yamamoto are arguing about what's going on.  Apparently, as Kira suspected, Mayuri was responsible for the Rukongai disappearances to level out the soul balance.  But the point was that he feared that the Quincies would be back for blood ever since Ishida was a part of the invasion way back when.  Also Quincy Master has apparently had a beef with Yamamoto for a good millenium.


Zombie time!  Reborn wants an explanation, but they say they can't do that without the permission of Bermuda.  Verde thinks that he's in cahoots with Checkerface, but a Vindice points out that something like that would never happen.  Then it's fighty time.  Practically everyone gets owned right from the get-go, so Mukuro and Tsuna team up again.  Verde claims that if Flan would wake up and add illusions to Mukuro's attack they would stand a chance, otherwise they aren't looking so lucky.  Until suddenly, Chrome hobbles in, ready to fight.

And the Winner:

Like I said earlier, the two that stuck out in my mind this week were backstories.  Naruto had the best one for me, although the rest were alright.  Also, not purposefully, the other manga are all now half as good as One Piece.


6 3 3 3
One Piece Naruto Bleach Reborn!


So this cannon pops out of the ground.  It's pretty big.  It fires, and then we see it destroy just about everything in Kei's line of sight.  Cut to the Gantz Zaibatsu group watching the shit hit the fan on a TV, then back to Kei, freaking out, then calming down.  Oh, ho ho, who's this.  That alien lady with Tae has come in a flying car to meet up with Kei in the midst of this battle.  Then we're at Nishi with some bloodlust, an then back to the illuminati.  They seem smug, until they realize that they've been hacked.  Then back to Sakurai, who has even more bloodlust in his eyes than Nishi previously.  Then back to the Zaibatsu being destroyed.  Lots of cutaways this week (month?).

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