Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Weekly Jump Off 12

Week 12!

Or should I say Week 13?  Nah, I'll do last week's now and hopefully this week's soon.  I'm gonna blame Archer this time, not myself.  Also my usual reading site is on the fritz, and my backup site's domain expired last week.  So let's hope I don't delay any further.

Don't forget... SPOILERS!!!!!

Here goes...

One Piece
Shichibukai Law vs. Vice Admiral Smoker.  Title says it all (or at least the most important part).  Law starts by putting Tashigi in her place... places.  The marines take after Law for a moment, and then they realize they aren't a match for this beast.  Then Smoker comes in, and in a skirmish that takes me back to Loguetown, almost hits Law with the seastone on his jutte.  Law starts swinging his big sword around, and the rest of the marines decide it's time to GTFO.  Meanwhile, Team Luffy contemplates what's going on with the rest of the crew.  Smoker and Law keep fighting, and they both want answers to practically the same question, which is basically "What are you trying to pull here?" Law decides it's time to leave, and he takes Smoker's heart with him.  And then Luffy arrives just in time to end this chapter.

Nightmare Fuel Kabuto is still fighting with the Ucha Luchas.  He starts by blinding them, but that ain't gonna stop Itachi.  So Kabuto starts bullshitting around and Itachi asks Sasuke to remember a mission they went on together to take down a giant boar way back in the day.  Like muscle memory they catch the snake that is Kabuto by the tail, and what's this?  Itachi gets stabbed!  Nah, genjutsu from Itachi, who would've guessed.  He slices part of Kabuto and the Uchiha's stand ready for the next attack.

As if Nel wasn't enough, Pesche is next from the sky.  He comes with news that Hueco Mundo is under attack... not like Nel already told us that...  Cut to Whatshisname's funeral.  Apparently he was a Captain class fighter, like Ikkaku.  And also like Ikkaku, just wanted to serve, so he never made it past Vice-Captain.  He only used his Ban Kai once to protect Yamamoto, but to no avail.  Back to Karakura, and Ichigo has assembled the Avengers here, except Hawkeye decides it's against his religion to go on this trip this time.  Ichigo knew this, but he wanted to make sure to include him anyway.  And then being the classic creeper that he always is, Urahara has the party van prepped for the gang to make their trip.  Cut to Hueco Mundo and Zangetsu-type is plotting something.

The Arcabaleno leave the hospital and all rush to their respective teams.  For some reason, the Vindice are all like, "Oh Shit! Babies!" and GTFO.  Most of the teams are quite injured in the aftermath, especially Iemitsu, who is practically dying and lost the boss watch.  Team Colonello is eliminated.  We have an "Aww" Moment between Colonello and Lal Mirch, but now it's time to rest.  The gangs start to rest, when literally one minute later, it's battle time again!

And the Winner:
One Piece again, overall.  Nothing wowed me too much this week, but they were all okay.


6 2 2 2
One Piece Naruto Bleach Reborn!

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