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Weekly Jump Off 11

Week 11!

I really need to keep up with these releases better. There was a new Reborn! last week after all.  I'll read it, and if it is spectacular enough, I will change my decision.  It'd have to be pretty good to beat SUPER Franky though, and I'm not holding my breath.  Also, Gantz!

Don't forget... SPOILERS!!!!!

Here goes...

One Piece
After a couple of chapters, we're back to Team Luffy and their banana boat.  Their boat is capsized by their attacking foes, and so in a way, we're to Robin's original plan of them swimming across... only much more hectic.  Zoro has a plan, but comes up short when a shark decides that it's hungry.  Usopp is all well planning on dying, when suddenly, Brook comes by to save the day with all of his rage and soul!  The Straw Hats make it out of the freezing lake, literally freezing.  Luckily there are centaurs around, who have plenty of warm skin and fur to go around... hehehe.  Back to Law and Smoker.  Team Sanji is running back to the lab with the kids, and Law decides he won't be having that.  He uses his Shambles attack, which we discover he can use a practically a body switching technique (i.e. Chopper is now in Sanji's body, etc.).  The marines decide they're gonna tattle on Law, but he unleashes a new technique and steals all of their Den Den Mushis, and with an evil glare says that no one will know of any happenings on this island.  Badassfully, Smoker and Law tussle for a bit, and then Tashigi decides to enter the fray.  What will happen next, with Law smirking at the end.

The Ucha Luchas start this one off against Kabuto.  Has Itachi always had a sense of humor?  A double Susanoo to counter the giant snakes.  Some action and some explanations.  Not only has Kabuto stolen the best parts of Orochimaru, but also Suigetsu and Karin.  Also, Karin's a part of the Uzumaki clan... which is like a big duh moment for me when he mentions the red hair.  Why do I forget/not notice things!  Kabuto goes on explaining crap, training under the Great White Snake, yadda yadda, and then in an image to haunt everyone's nightmares, he reveals himself in sage mode.  And in the best way that ten year olds fighting over their imaginations can put it ... I'm not a snake, but I'm totally also dragon, too!

Zangetsu looking dude is harsh master, but his cohorts seem to be in line.  Ichigo makes it back to his place, and Yuki gets a call on his ghost phone.  They are preparing for the funeral of that vice-captain who has barely showed up in the series at all.  Also the Vandenreich apparently killed 106 members of the 1st Division in about 3 minutes.  So Ichigo is restless and pondering what to do next when Nel drops from the sky warning that Hueco Mundo is in danger.  Back to the Vandenreich, Beardly Leader takes out his arrancar minion as his usefulness is over, and mentions how he is a foundation stone to build peace.  When another one of his lackies asks if it's wise to destroy his arrancar minions, since they are precious resources, Beardo responds that he can just make as many as he wants, to where we find Halibel (remember, the 3rd Espada?) chained up, probably as some sort of arrancar baby factory.

Last week, even this Vindice baby is making the others shake in their booties.  That's saying something in this series!  Yuni has some bad feelings about Checkerface, and the rest of the gang goes to visit Team Skull, who aren't dying, but royally got their asses beat.  And who shows up at the hospital, none other than Kyoko, who is actually there to visit Chrome.  Apparently her internal organs have disappeared (shocker...).  But even without organs, she wants to fight!  At the Sawada house, and other locales around the city, the 8th element flame starts to appear.  The Vindice want to now beat everyone's collective asses simultaneously.

So this week, the Vindice attack.  It's an off-record battle.  Team Colonello takes on one of the Vindice and Basil is amazed at Iemetsu's skill.  And then, being a woman and all, Tsuna's mom decides to come outside and get in the way.  So the Vindice aims his attack towards her.  Suspense draws as we switch to Team Verde and their fight with the Vindice.  The Vindice grabs Mukuro by the head, and then more supense as we switch to Team Mammon.  Xanxus and Squalo are readying to attack their respective Vindice, and then we cut to the Arcabaleno meeting at the hospital.  They are all just as confused as one another about Bermuda, but Colonello and Mammon still want to know about Reborn's reason.  This is of course, as it has always been the plot of the series, to raise Tsuna as the 10th boss.

And the Winner:
An okay week.  Nothing too great, but just good.  I'll just give it to One Piece for Law being a badass, with creepy Sage Kabutomaru coming in close second.


5 2 2 2
One Piece Naruto Bleach Reborn!

Bonus Chapter:  Gantz
So with Sakata back last week, and now Tonkotsu... Sakurai has to be hallucinating.  Or dying.  Or both... Anyway, he decides he's wasting time that he could be slaughtering the aliens, and gets rid of his hallucinations.  Darn... I was really hoping Sakata came back somehow.  Oh well.  Sakurai removes the bomb from his head, and his nose starts bleeding.  We know what that could mean.  Sakata jumps down, summons the mechs and they march.  Then suddenly, a counterattack!

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