Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Weekly Jump 9

Week 9!

Another chapter of Gantz, and I almost missed Reborn!  Seriously.  It wasn't on the site for a couple of days, and I just happened upon it like 20 minutes ago.  Next week would've been weird if I missed it this week.  Also I break the unprecedented 4-way tie!

Laziness overtakes again, as new chapters are tomorrow, and I've pretty much given up on collages.  BUT!  I'm sticking with this, which was my goal in the first place.

Don't forget... SPOILERS!!!!!

Here goes...

One Piece
Smoker and his crew make their way through the ice side of Punk Hazard, deeper into the wasteland.  Back to Luffy's group.  Zoro suggests they swim through the ice, as he's worked up a sweat, and Robin and Luffy suggest swimming on Zoro and Usopp's backs since they can't swim.  Well Usopp is with him, so he solves it by whipping out his literal banana boat.  They meet up with some shadowy figures who mistake Zoro for the samurai who sliced up their friends.  Anyone who watched the 4Kids dub knows that Zoro is only like a samurai.  Sorry... anyway, Chopper and Nami are rescuing the kids while Sanji and Franky are owning these guys.  Sanji destroys their masks and air tanks so they won't use their poison.  Back to Brooke, who has seemed to have found our samurai friend's torso.  So all of the Straw Hats get to share him!  Brooke is no match for the Samurai's two sword style and he takes his leave.  Smoker advances to a door on the ice island, and who opens it but none other than Trafalgar Law.  Holy shit and he's a Shichibukai now!  He got his status by sending 100 pirate hearts to the government HQ.  Done.

An Update to what I originally wrote:  Thanks to some nerdy discussion with fellow pirate, Law might have very well been the one to cut up this samurai, and these shadowy guys' buddies with his Devil Fruit ability.  I contested that he needed to create a spherical aura for this to happen, but after some even nerdier research, they can leave the sphere with the same effects still constant.  So yeah, that totally makes sense as to what happened to the samurai.  Thanks, John, for having this re-reading the entire series recently and having this knowledge fresh in your mind.

Can Tsunade beat OG Madara with a fiery will alone?  Tsunade makes her push with backup from the other Kages.  She punches a nice hole through Madara, but what does that matter, he's dead.  Well it's enough for Gaara to capture him... for a second.  Tsunade gets totally impaled, and then we leave back to Itachi.  Is she dead?  My guess is that she isn't, but once she releases her Genesis Rebirth, she won't be around much longer.  Anyway, Itachi's swatting Sasuke off he reaches his goal of Kabuto.  Kabuto mentions that life's a bitch, because even if he dies, Edo-tensei won't stop, but he's the only one that can stop it.  Lame.  and Itachi agrees.
So who are these people?  According to them it's easy to guess, so they ain't saying.  Yamamoto attacks, but they're too fast for the old man.  Oh look, forgettable 1st Squad Vice Captain isn't quite dead yet, and he has some info on these mysterious dudes... they can go Ban Kai.  Back to Ivan and Ichigo.  Ivan's pissed that Ichigo ain't going down, so he runs off.  We see that Ivan is one of these new dudes, and he starts quarreling with another one of his own.  Their leader, who looks an awful lot like Zangetsu, won't have that shit in his house.

So... turns out that the Vindice and their bandaged baby friend just wanted Team Skull's watches, which they easily take after Bermuda punches Skull... well... through the skull!  Damn, and I kinda liked the little goth kid (although, knowing his abilities, he's probably alive).  The watch takes to its new owner, but apparently we have a problem.  But... long story short, after the results are announced, the solution is just that Team Skull has been replaced by Team Bermuda.  Scary.

And the Winner:
Hands down, One Piece.  One of my newer favorites made a surprise appearance at the end, and now with Government power!  If Gantz was included in this contest, I might have had to flip the coins again, as I enjoyed it for a similar reason this week.


3 2 2 2
One Piece Naruto Bleach Reborn!

Another chapter so soon?  Awesome.  We start with some mech fighting... some more mech fighting... ah, here we go.  Back to Nishi and Takeshi where Nishi hacks the Gantz system and enters himself into the fray.  More mech fighting and hey there's a familiar face; Sakurai.  He destroys two mechs with a mech of his own combined with his psychic powers.  And then, one of my personal favorites, Sakata is back!  Is he real, or just a psychotic episode?  Just seeing him again is enough for me.

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