Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weekly Jump 10

Week 10!

So.. for the 10th Anniversary, I've got two chapters this week.  TWO.  The ultimate in laziness for me! (Especially since Mass Effect 3 was my life for the last two weeks)  It's an all out classic brawl between Ninjas and Pirates this week!

Don't forget... SPOILERS!!!!!

Here goes...

One Piece
We start with Nami and Chopper assisting these "sick" kids.  They make it to the end of the hallway, and the kids stop.  Look around gang... it's a room full of frozen corpses!  Sanji senses that Nami is in danger, and then, thanks to the samurai's head, his fiery rage kicks in.  Back to Smoker and Law.  Smoker has some questions for his co-worker, mostly, "Why did you aid Luffy?"  Law claims that he's the only one here and he'd hunt down Luffy if he was around... plain and simple.  Suddenly, Chopper, Nami, and the rest come busting through the door Law is standing at.  Then everyone ends in a song and dance routine praising Franky and EVERYONE doing the SUPER Franky pose.  Can this chapter be any better?!  Then Chopper has the "Oh shit!  It's the Marines! Everyone back inside!" moment, and Law decides to clean up this mess and opens his Room to the Marines.  And then with baited breath, we await for Smoker vs. Law next week.

So a chibi review, we've got 3 big fights going on.  You would think with all of them tipped in favor of the "heroes", as far as just number of ninjas go, it should be a piece of cake, right?  We start with Sasuke and Itachi vs. Kabuto.  A bit of humor from Itachi, and an explanation is in order from Kabuto, but back to the Kages vs. OG Madara.  Tsunade's back in action, as most of us figured... well except for the actual characters in the manga, apparently. Madara decides five on one is fun... so, he makes five wood clones for every Kage to fight.  I see what he did there...  That's what they get for insulting the legend.  Back to Sasuke and the rest.  Basically Itachi's plan is to control Kabuto to end the Edo Tensei... essentially its only weakness.  So Sasuke agrees, and the brothers standing side-by-side, ready to take on Kabuto honestly looks pretty cool.

And the Winner:
Even with the Uchihas looking pretty neat, side-by-side, I've got one word to beat it.  SUUUPPEEERRRRRR!


4 2 2 2
One Piece Naruto Bleach Reborn!

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