Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekly Jump 8

Week 8!

Here we go, full blast this week, including Gantz.

Don't forget... SPOILERS!!!!!

Here goes...

One Piece
Looks like Perona made it back to Thriller Bark.  And she probably didn't have a love-child with Zoro after all.  There goes my prediction.  Anyways... A bit of pandemonium and the Straw Hats are running from these gas-crazy suit guys.  The kids plead with them for rescue, and apparently they were sick or something.  The plot thickens.  Nami's a sucker for a crying kid, so the rest of them decide to whoop some ass. Sanji is definitely stealing the show here, in moves and dialogue!  The other four get a hold of Brooke, and Luffy makes friends with a real centaur.  We find out the Thousand Sunny has been moved to the ice side of the island, so the half-naked half of the Straw Hat's must traverse through it.  Meanwhile, Smoker explains that the reason that the island is half fire and half ice is that this was the place where Aka Inu and Ao Kiji decided to fight.  Their battle was so manly and hardcore, it permanently changed the weather of the island to one half ice and one half fire.  Badass.

Sasuke can't believe his eyes (or his brother's eyes, amirite?), but he takes chase after Itachi.  Itachi don't give an eff, he's got more important things to do.  We get some conversation, most of it is just review, then back to the Kages and Madara.  Madara decides he wants to take out Tsunade first, since she is pathetic compared to her gramps.  But she has the will of the fire! 

So how does Yamamoto respond to this declaration of war?  Not a single fuck was given.  Back in Karakura, Ichigo is still trying to figure out Ivan's game, so he plays a little longer, and it looks like Ivan bit off more than he could chew.  Back to Soul Society and suddenly, the forgettable 1st Squad Vice-Captain is murdered right in front of Yamamoto's eyes.  This gets his attention.  Then the uniforms declare that in 5 days Soul Society will be annihilated by something called the Vandenreich.  Is this a force or a group of people?  Who knows?

The smoke clears and both Hibari and Xanxus are fine.  But... BEEP! Time's up.  It's a draw.  Hibari is reminded that if the reps fight outside of the time, those involved will be disqualified.  Hibari wants his satisfaction now, so he just breaks his own boss watch.  Team Fon is disqualified.  Xanxus wants satisfaction too, but the rest of the Varia stop him from breaking his own watch.  Hibari, still unsatisfied, decides to fight Dino instead.  Meanwhile Basil is scouting out Team Skull, who didn't have anyone challenge them this time around.  They joke around and then suddenly the entire team is owned by the Vindice!  What the hell was that!

And the Winner:
Reborn! had some excellent developments.  Hibari looking out for number one and the Vindice out of no where.  One Piece gave Punk Hazard a manly explanation and included Sanji being an all around badass.  I honestly can't decide this week... so I will literally decide this winner via flipping 15 Delaware quarters via  Heads for One Piece, Tails for Reborn!.  Most number wins...

Hibari and the Vindice win!


2 2 2 2
One Piece Naruto Bleach Reborn!

Back to the others fighting a bit.  They slay the beast and then find out that Reika has in turn been slain.  They hold a funeral of sorts and bury her.  Then it's back to OG Kei and his Gantz-dam.  With bloodshed left and right, the alien chick that helped Kei on his journey, picks up Tae and takes off.  And then more mechs.  That's Gantz for you.

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