Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekly Jump Off 7

Week 7!

Only 3 chapters this week, so the rest can get a jump on One Piece.  No pics again... as you can tell it's already Monday.  I'd like to make excuses for how busy I am, which I am during the week, but I did play Skyward Sword for like 8 hours this weekend.  A rare treat indeed.  Also I breezed through the new Alan Wake this week... other than the arcade stuff.  But I digress...

Don't forget... SPOILERS!!!!!

Here goes...

I almost forgot that the OG Madara hadn't been dealt with yet.  He downs the kages and then the Tsuchikage has a little flashback/pep talk and he's ready to dance again. Kinda literally. We see why Madara can use mokuton, and then Itachi crosses paths with Sasuke.  Should be better next week..

Ivan Azgiaro gets kicked out of the Kurosaki home, while Ichigo takes chase.  The rest say they will follow, but their stomachs take precedence.  Ichigo asks all of the questions at once, and Ivan claims not to be an Arrancar, but some sort of Quincy Archer.  Very interesting.  Back in Soul Society, Ikkaku and Yumichika are still playing Batman and Robin, when they think they've found a breakthrough in the case.  Meanwhile, Captain Yamamoto is visited by some crazy uniformed guys who declare war on him right then and there.

Dino explains that he's there under Reborn's command to make sure that Hibari doesn't lose; Reborn has plans.  Since there is no reasoning with Hibari verbally, Dino decides he'll let Xanxus kick his ass for a bit, to get the message across.  Dino pisses Xanxus off and then we see the new form of his Liger weapon.  One flashback later and Dino puts Hibari in his place again.  We leave off with a Michael Bay style ending.

And the Winner:
Another meh week overall.  However Bleach genuinely has me interested.  There's a lot of mystery and this Quincy thing has piqued my interest.  Keep it up, Kubo.


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One Piece Naruto Bleach Reborn!

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