Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekly Jump Off 5

Week 5! 

Bleach is back!  Did it cut the mustard this week?  Also not one, but TWO bonuses:  Gantz and D.Gray-man.

Next week might be a short one again due to the combined duties of organizing my place, work, school, and Megacon!  Maybe I'll see you there.

Don't forget... SPOILERS!!!!!

Here goes...

One Piece
Back to Water 7, with Paulie looking like a freakin' pimp next to the new sea train.  Anyways... dragons breathe fire.  Who would've guessed?  This dragon is giving Luffy and Zoro a run for their Beli, which means something in this universe.  The dragon talks... sortof (see below).  It mentions the Shichibukai, but Luffy then see's some guy on his back.  One Shishi Sonson later... DECAPITATION! and then Luffy wants to eat it.  Meanwhile, the rest of the Straw Hats are gassed by some team from Punk Hazard that talk about their master "M" (maybe stands for "Mom", as in, Big Mom.  Doubt it, but I'm just thinking).  So they meet this guy on the dragon's back... but it's really just a pair of legs!  He's dressed like a samurai, and he's got beef with a certain Shichibukai.  Of course, the first thing Luffy wants to know is if this oddity will join his crew.

With Naruto's newly found friends, Tobi's starting to doubt himself a bit.  Then everyone in the ninja alliance gets word to go support Bee, Naruto, Kakashi, and Guy.  Most of the chapter is just everyone reflecting what Naruto means to them while they all run through the rain to get to them.  Pretty neat looking on the whole.  Also we see Sasuke walking through the rain for a couple of pages at the end.

After a 3 week hiatus, we start with Mayuri and the science division talking about hollows that are just disappearing.  Mayuri says it can only be the work of "them", of which I assume we'll find out at a later time.  According to the title page, this will be the last arc of Bleach.  Let's hope they answer some questions and leave off on a high note!  Enter new characters Yuki and Shino.  They are off to slay some hollows in the material world.  A classic flat-chested joke later, and we're off to Karakura.  Yuki is having a little fun while meanwhile Shino is crushed by some larger hollows.  Yuki falls and then here comes Ichigo to prove that if you want something done right, you do it yourself.  Also mysterious shadow man at the end.

Daddy Xanxus wakes up and we get the tornado tag battle of Xanxus and Squalo vs. Hibari and Fon started!  Fon, who is pretty much the Immortal Iron Fist at this point rips off his shirt, so the rest respond by releasing their box animals.  Fon moves faster than a blink, but everyone is stopped by Mammon's (who has also released) genjutsu.  Also, Reborn has a man on the inside of this battle, who we don't know yet.

And the Winner:
Zoro is one of my favorites, and him pulling off a super deluxe ShiShi SonSon was epic.  That being said... I actually give Bleach one this week.  After reading it, I actually became interested in it, kinda like a badass trailer for a movie I've been waiting for.  Way more interest than in the beginning of the last arc.  It looks like Kubo might be going out with a bang, which I hope happens.


2 2 1 0
One Piece Naruto Bleach Reborn!


While reading this I thought it was kinda lame, but by the end I liked it.  Kei 2 wakes up to find the giant monster stabbed in the head, and Reika's lifeless body in the distance.  He tries to resuscitate her, but to no avail.  The whole chapter he spends in complete remorse and sorrow for how awful he treated her before she died, even though she honestly probably deserved a bit of it.  It's sad when a character who's been a major player for so long dies, but this is Gantz.  It's good, because nobody's safe.


The chase is still on.  Allen is on the run from Kanda and Johnny.  Allen starts to hulk out while Johnny and Kanda catch up to him thanks to a tracking device that Johnny had put on Allen earlier.  Kanda makes Allen and Johnny cry and then realizes that the wound he gave Allen back at the North American branch is acting up.  They realize that the Noah will find them wherever that go, but Kanda decides that he'll just kill 'em all.
They pay for a room with some ornaments from the Order's uniform and Allen fights off the Noah while he sleeps.  But then, dear readers, Kanda steps outside to find that Link is still alive after all!  And there's no D.Gray-man next month, so we have to wait two months for the next one.  Yes, the curse of a monthly series.

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