Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekly Jump Off 6

Week 6! 

Kind of a slow week compared to the last few in my opinion.  Life was busy though, so no thrown together collages this time.

Don't forget... SPOILERS!!!!!

Here goes...

One Piece
Apparently this half dude's top half sticks to things (thus why he was stuck to the dragon).  So Luffy makes himself a centaur. Luffy's then gives us his reasoning for checking out the ice side of the Island - "I wanna eat shaved ice!"  Of course.  The captured half of the Straw Hats find a severed head in pieces (that's alive).  Cue "Sewn Back Together Wrong" and the warrior tells his tale.  They find out he's a samurai on an honorable quest (he probably belongs to the legs Luffy has stuck on his back) and Franky "opens" the door.  Then, in classic left-field One Piece fashion... Giant Kids!!!

Well, we see what Hebi's (or Taka... I like Hebi better) been up too since the war started.  Karin goes all Westbrook over a picture of Sasuke while apparently Juugo and Suigetsu were oblivious to this war all along.  Those guys must really be in BFE! Sasuke meets up with Zetsu's crazy kids whining about their daddy.  Sasuke slices through them and continues his journey.  And then, the part I was waiting for; we're gonna see what the loophole master Itachi's plan is... maybe.

Yuki wakes up two days later and remembers about what happened.  It seems Ichigo and the other three main humans have made their own little Karakura Super Heroes group.  Looks pretty cool to be honest.  Oh, and Shino's ok, as I'm sure everyone had baited breath over that.  Brief shot of the fine detective skills of Yumichika and Ikkaku, and then shadowy man from last week reveals himself as Ivan Azgiaro, and he looks like an Arrancar.  Don't screw this up Kubo!

Fon vs. Mammon, an all out uncursed brawl!  There's even a panel that looks like a damn fight poster.  So Mammon has this genjutsu that will damage a person the more they doubt their ability to win.  And it doesn't discriminate.  Nice little battle between Fon and Mammon for a bit, with Fon overcoming all illusions with sheer mental ability.  Mammon begins to doubt himself, so he's bleeding out thanks to his own stupid binding.  So Fon decides to be nice and knock Mammon out so he doesn't die... but his uncursed time runs out.  What a waste!  The Varia start to gang up on Hibari to finish him off, but Reborn's man on the inside shows up to give Hibari help.  That's right, I'm talking about Dino!

And the Winner:
Nothing too spectacular this week.  I'll give Reborn! it's first win for having a cool little fight, but mostly for Dino.


2 2 1 1
One Piece Naruto Bleach Reborn!

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