Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekly Jump Off 4

Week 4! 

Better late than never and pictures are back.  Bleach returns next week... will it mean anything?  Also a new chapter of Gantz has finally surfaced after like a month.  Scroll down to the end for that one.  I even included a video clip, which I try and stay away from unless they're my own.  Not for copyright reasons, but you just never know how long things last on the Youtube.

Don't forget... SPOILERS!!!!!

Here goes...

One Piece
We start off with everyone's favorite mayor of Water 7 and his new jailbait secretary!  Anyways, the name of this island in the middle of this sea of fire we find out is Punk Hazard.  Not only is the name badass, the place is so badass the Marines are practically forbidden to go there.  The Straw Hats get a distress call from this place, and Luffy decides to take it.  He doesn't give a crap if it's a trap or not (and we get an explanation of what Samurais are in the One Piece universe because of this), he still wants to go to this damn hellish island.  Smoker takes note of the size of Luffy's grapefruits and proceeds after him.  The Straw Hats then draw straws for the expedition team, which ends up with Luffy, Zoro, Usopp, and Robin.  A very good crew, it should be interesting.  Usopp's classic disease returns and they proceed to the island.  It starts getting hotter and hotter, and the Straw Hats start shedding their clothes (remember that scene of Zoro from Movie 3?  See below.  I was reminded of that for some reason).  And then, a freakin' honest to goodness dragon appears.

This week starts with Naruto/Kurama choking the rest of the bijuus, all at once, to get their stakes out.  Naruto, now being pretty much one with the Kyuubi, can now simultaneously communicate with the rest of the beasts (like earlier with SonGoku).  Even Kurama remembers everyone's favorite kiss that Naruto shared with Sasuke, lest we forget.  He learns their names and a bit about them and the history of the beasts (bijuu babies!).  That, and even though it was already explained, we are reminded that the Naruto is related to Nagato and the Sage of Six Paths, so it makes sense that he can control the Kyuubi well.  All of the beasts get sucked back into the statue and Naruto seems confident to face down Tobi, since he is in sync with those remaining bijuus... since a couple of pages earlier he was fist-bumping with ALL OF THEM AT ONCE.

Tsuna finishes his Zero Point Breakthrough and then shoots a full powered X-Burner at point-blank range into his father's face!  There's a nice amount of action between Iemitsu and Tsuna and then... BEEP BEEP BEEP.  Time is up and the battle is over for now.  Back to Hibari (finally!), we see that he has eliminated Lussuria, Levi, and Belphegor in one fell swoop.  This makes Squalo's pants tingle, and he's about to attack.  However, Fon releases... for some reason.  That's where it leaves us this week.

And the Winner:
Another good week.  I hate to see Reborn! with a zero, because it's been pretty good.  A couple of months ago, it was winning before I started writing these.  But, One Piece had a plethora of good and classic moments, which was enough for me.


2 2 0 0
One Piece Naruto Bleach Reborn!


Kei 2 is getting his ass kicked and his suit is about to bust.  Reika starts blasting away with her Z-Gun, which in turn knocks her on her ass.  Kei 2 gets up and basically tells Reika that he'll fight, but she can go screw herself.  And who can blame him?  Remember she selfishly cloned Kei to have him all to herself, but he (and OG Kei, for that matter) is still in love with Tae.  Kei 2 starts fighting and gets his ass kicked again so bad that he looks dead.  Reika is ready to die in her sin against nature's arms, when she feels a slight pulse.  She grabs the sword and is ready to do this again.  Next chapter this week, apparently.  Gotta love that sporadic release schedule!

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