Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Weekly Jump Off 14

Week 14!

This week was overall better than the last few.  Not really for the action, but some cool plot points.  Nothing groundbreaking, but some cool stuff none the less

Also, D.Gray-man!

Don't forget... SPOILERS!!!!!

Here goes...

One Piece

Luffy shouts out to Law like an old friend.  He does after all, owe his life to this man.  And then he asks the burning question that all of us fans have had on their minds, "Where's the talking bear?"  Seriously, where is he!?  Anyway, Law, while not being on the offense, simply states that they're still both pirates, so watch your back, Luffy.  Tashigi finds Smoker missing his heart, and then she goes all apeshit.  Of course, being blinded with rage, she easily loses her heart as well.  Or I should say her head... keep reading.  Luffy has questions, and Law points them to the research facility.  His answers lie there.  They part ways.  Now to Team Sanji, who are still all mixed up.  On with the comical situations, but they seriously want to save these kids.  The samurai's head tells everyone to put a leaf or a stone on their heads, and then POOF.  They all have warm clothes.  Willickers!  He's a devil fruit user with the power of sorcery.  He's a damned samurai wizard!  Then the separate crews meet up, more hillarity ensues, mostly with Sanji (who is in Nami's body) touching him... herself.  Honestly, I'd think it would be genius if Oda kept these guys that way for a good while.  We get a nice explanation of happenings on these last couple of months, like how the samurai's legs could talk.  So back to the marines, and Smoker and Tashigi are sitting around with their bodies switched.  I wonder if Smoker can fit two of those fat stogies into Tashigi's mouth...  but yeah, we now find out about this new character, who looks delightful and is in cahoots with Law, Ceaser Clown.


So while Itachi's figuring out this new technique, Kabuto decides he'll stab him a few times via stalagtites and staglamites (I never get to use those words!).  Will Itachi fall this easily?  Well, Kabuto goes in to rewrite Itachi's brain again, but Sasuke makes a defensive perimeter made of Amaterasu flames.  Nice.  Commence the talking!  Kabuto starts with how he's closer than ever to having power equal to the Sage of the Six Paths.  All those years ago, who would've though Kabuto would've been this, right?  Itachi tries to talk him down, telling him that he should know his limits because he himself fell into that path all so recently.  This makes Kabuto pause, and sit down folks, it's flashback time!  We learn a bit about the beginnings of the white-haired child who was rescued from near death.  He was a complete amnesic that was taken in by a small group.  He makes a bond with some lady that looks strangely like him, and that's about it for this week.  Honestly, I'm interested.  I wouldn't say I've been biting my nails for this, but I've wanted to know about Kabuto's past since they first mentioned how he was found back during the Chuunin exams.


While two of Halibel's Fracción are battling betwixt themselves, the third one steps up to the challenge.  The captain wants to negotiate with these three to join him, since they are obviously strong enough.  And go figure, they don't want to.  Back to Soul Society, the captains have gathered for a briefing of the situation.  So the Vandenreich are a radical group of Quincy who can pass through Soul Society and render Ban Kai useless.  Makes sense.  My first thought is Ishida though, is this the true reason he wanted nothing to do with the group going to Hueco Mundo?  While Nel and Ichigo are on their way to the three Fracción, they run into Captain Quincy to see that he has just taken them all out with no sweat.  Cue some Bon Jovi, and we have a chapter.


Another award winning pose from the elite tage team to start this week.  Will they be enough?  Well they're gonna try!  With something straight out of Jump Super Stars, we get team ups going!  Ken and Gokudera start with a ton of bombs, and then Yamamota gets a piece of the action by having Ken launch him towards the Vindice.  Then Chikusa and Tsuna team up for a move called the Hyper X Stream, which is more literal than you would imagine just reading this.  Then for the finisher, it's Mukurou's time to shine.  He's going to use THAT technique.  He makes a murder of crows that all have razor sharp teeth, and sends them on the Vindice.  But these are no simple illusions, this is reality born from illusion!  Mukurou is disappointed that his technique was too powerful, but to no avail.  The combined efforts of Teams Verde and Reborn only stripped the Vindice of some clothing... however this is interesting enough in itself. They look like zombies... I would complain, but this actually fits their M.O., since they've been around for 10 generations.  However, more surprising, is that they all have pacifiers.

And the Winner:

Hmmm... tough one.  I guess I'll base it on revelations this week.  One Piece's revelation of Ceaser Clown really wasn't that great, even if the rest of the chapter was.  Naruto's Kabuto flashback was a good start but just not enough, so it's between zombies and the I-kinda-suspected-but-was-slightly-thrown-off Quincy group.  Hmmm.... I think I'm most interested in the Bleach story.


6 2 3 3
One Piece Naruto Bleach Reborn!

Last time Link came back, seemingly from the dead.  So we're straight into flashback land.  After Link seemingly died, he was asleep for 20 days and wakes up in Zu's house.  Link sees the scar on his chest, touches it and flips out.  Zu saved Link by passing on his life force and powers to him.  Zu then mentions something about turning Link into the 14th, but he's interrupted by the dastardly Lvellie.  As shady as Lvellie is being, as usual, Link still remains loyal to the man.  For all intel purposes, Link is dead, and just Lvellie's crow.  Lvellie apparently also made some pact with Cross about protecting the 14th for their own use or something.  Back to the present, Kanda and Link exchange some words.  Kanda threatens to kill Allen himself, if that's what Link is after.  Link is not though, and we are back to Allen, where he falls into slumber.  Oh D.Gray-man... just when you were starting to make sense, I forget half the shit that's happened these last couple of years.

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