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Weekly Jump Off 20

Week 20!

So it looks like we're a month shy of being halfway done with this year of manga.  That's really the only thing special I could come up with for the twentieth edition.  Although I might have an announcement of some going-on coming up.  Haven't decided yet.

No proofreading again, as I should be in bed.  In fact, I welcome the grammar police!

Don't forget... SPOILERS!!!!!

Here goes...

One Piece

We finally get an answer to a question I've had for a few weeks: What's up with Zoro, Sanji, and Brooke?  We get quick flashback of them being attacked.  The Yeti Bros. shot poison bullets that would put "even the heaviest drinkers" to sleep at them, so they start to fade quick.  Zoro had just enough energy to save them (heaviest drinker, right?) from a pointy death, but Sanji woke up first since Brooke and Zoro hit their heads on the fall.  They find the samurai, still torso-less freezing in the snow.  He says he feels that his torso must be under the water (and we all know how well water and Devil Fruits mix).  We then see Brownbeard's crew coming at them with the Slime from last week behind them.  Apparently the Slime is what became of the poison gas incident four years ago.  Back to the lab, the Marines are fighting in the front and Law and Chopper are sneaking around the back.  Luffy, in classic Luffy style, crashes right in the middle of the battle of the Marines, exclaiming his secret plan to capture Ceaser.  Franky and Robin are at his side.


So Itachi is about to release the Edo Tensei, which means he's going to die.  I thought that he totally circumvented it, but he really just broke himself free from Kabuto's control.  Makes sense, whether I thought it was right or not.  Moving on, Sasuke still says he won't forgive Konoha, and like a kid goes blaming everyone else for what he has become over the years.  Itachi agrees with him as he puts his faith in Naruto to change Sasuke for the better once again.  We cut back to are old friends from some weeks ago, the Five Kages.  They are all starting to falter in their battle with Madara.  Hell, even the Raikage gets hit with the Susanoo, but he is saved by the Tsuchikage.  The Tsuchikage gives them all a pep talk, and the Kages all start to work seamlessly as a group.  Madara realizes that he needs to step it up even more, and releases his perfected Susanoo.


We get some nice colorspreads of the Captains of the Gotei 13 this week for the possibly aptly named "Closing Chapter".  The shit has hit the fan.  This is WAR!  We get introduced to a few new lower seats in the 3rd Division.  I'm not even going to bother with names, as they are probably equivalent to a red shirt on the Enterprise.  However, the first possible casualty is actually Kira, losing his arm and most of his torso, right out of the gate!  The quincy pops out of his pillar and swiftly annihilates two of the new characters (See!).  We see six new quincies, who hopefully will get into nice little battles with others, you know, a staple in shonen manga.  We then get stats from the research division, 1000 dead in 7 minutes.  They have already lost hope.


It's question time.  Reborn asks Bermuda why he picked him, and not someone strong, like Fon or Colonello.  Bermuda basically says that it's because of Reborn's mad tutoring skills and that he likes crazy people.  Well then, why is Bermuda still a baby and not like the other Vindice?  Apparently he succeeded in creating the 8th element, the flame of night.  Ok... so why are the Vindice are guardians of the mafia?  Because the mafia was the closest organization to protecting the Trinisette.  Remember the Trinisette?  The 7 pacifiers, the 7 Vongola rings, and the 7 Mare rings; all important treasures that control the world.  If Checkerface is defeated, the Arcabaleno and Vindice will cease to exist, since the pacifier system will be destroyed.  But if he's not defeated, then the Arcabaleno cycle will continue to exist.  Tsuna says he can't have that.  The revenge isn't worth losing the Arcabaleno to him.  Reborn agrees and a fight is about to commence.

And the Winner:

Hmmm... I don't know.  Nothing really "wowed" me this week.  I'll throw it to Bleach for blowing Kira apart.  Not that I hate the depressing little bastard, but I like violence, I guess.


7 3 4 6
One Piece Naruto Bleach Reborn!

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