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Weekly Jump Off 21

Week 21!

For once I read these about a week ago.  I'm going to try to go quickly because school and Suda51 games are really eating my time up this week.  I generally want to stay short anyway, because you should really read these comics yourself!

Gantz as well this week.  I should be doing "better" things right now...  Proofreading is also still for chumps this week!

Don't forget... SPOILERS!!!!!

Here goes...

One Piece

Luffy starts fighting with Tashigi (he thinks she's Smoker), and is disappointed in how weak he thinks Smoker has become.  Smoker (in Tashigi's body, still) hits him with his seastone tipped jutte by surprise.  Luffy then realizes what's going on, and refuses to fight Smoker, since he's handicapped at the moment.  Suddenly, it starts raining slime.  This slime is combining to form a bigger slime, and the marines realize that it's weak to fire.  They also find out that it's not really "weak" to fire, but extremely explosive and flammable. So much for them.  Ceasar Clown comes out and starts explaining that the slime is shooting itself, bit by bit, across the lake in the island, because it doesn't do so well with water.  While he's explaining this, Luffy just jumps up and grabs him, just as simple as that.


Madara makes the first strike with Susanoo, and slices mountains apart effortlessly.  He threatens to smash the five kages, and it looks like he can back it up.  Cut to Itachi releasing the Edo tensei.  Sasuke makes a speech about how he's going to destroy Konoha anyway, and says goodbye to Itachi as the jutsu releases.  We get to see a few old "friends" before they shoot off as pillars of light into the sky.  Naruto thanks Itachi, and it looks like that ordeal is over.  Don't worry though!  There's still Sasuke and Tobi to worry about.


This was pretty much a shonen set-up this week.  We start with Rose who hears news of his subordinates reiatsu disappearing.  He doesn't show that he's upset at first, but you can tell he's serious.  He then talks about how Kira is an inspiration to his art and that both him and his flying V will be sad if Kira is gone.  Then he gets this evil glint in his eye and says that since him and his guitar are already weeping, the Quincy isn't leaving alive.  For someone who I didn't pay too much mind to in previous arcs, Rose just rose up on my radar (pun intended).  Another Quincy is stabbing through a squad and left and right.  All of them but one noble reaper start to run away.  While he (or she... can't totally tell, Kubo), is yelling at them for being cowards, Renji steps in and commends him (or her) and relieves them of their duties.  Another Quincy is piling up corpses, when Komamura steps in.  Then the set-up goes quicker when we see that Hisagi, Shunsui, Soi Fon, Ukitake, and Hitsugaya have the other Quincy as opponents.  Back to Renji fighting his opponent, and his attacks aren't doing anything.  As he contemplates, a large, luchadorian Quincy attacks from behind, but is blocked by Senbonzakura.  Byakuya has joined the fray to which is simply tells Renji, "Let's crush them"


It's a fight Tsuna wants, and a fight Tsuna gets.  Tsuna goes full blast against Jaeger, the strongest of the Vindice.  He's not doing so hot, and Bermuda orders Jaeger to stop.  Bermuda has given Reborn a chance to reflect and give him a second shot at answering at the next representative battle.  Bermuda then takes his leave and directs Reborn to the way out.  They come back, and Reborn wants to meet with the Arcobaleno, since this involves their deaths.  Reborn tells Tsuna that he should go home, and we basically get a flashback of what was said last week.  Even my memory's not that bad!  Tsuna contemplates what can be done, since the only options seem to be the Arcobaleno dying or become Vindice.

And the Winner:

I can see myself liking Naruto next week, if we get into some serious action, or if Sasuke appears where Naruto's at.  That being said, I give it to Bleach again.  I'm a sucker for a set-up like this, in all shonen manga!


7 3 5 6
One Piece Naruto Bleach Reborn!

Bonus Chapter:  GANTZ

Reading into this, I'm going to assume Tae's dead, as Gantz likes to do that.  I'll also reiterate, I wouldn't want to be Nishi right now.  Nishi starts back up with Kei, who is understandably distraught.  Nishi gets one good shot off on Kei, and then Kei blows Nishi out of his exo-suit.  Kei is about to destroy Nishi, but Nishi says Gantz can bring Tae back.  Nishi orders Kei to blow up the tower, but Kei pauses to reflect on what Tae and that alien chick said.  Kei contemplates destroying this entire alien colony, when suddenly Tae screams his name.  Whelp, Kei has no reason to blow up this tower now, does he?  He picks up Tae, flies off, and leaves Nishi at the tower.  The only thing that this chapter was missing Kei raising his middle finger towards Nishi.

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