Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Double Jump!

Double Jump!

Been a tad bit busy the last couple of weeks.  Hell, I'm still busy, but I don't want to hold off much longer.  Also the server I'm working on for class is down, so I've gotta do something productive, right?  It helps that there was no Naruto one week and then no One Piece this week.  I'll still pick two winners though, one for each week.

Also, in some semi-anime related news, I'll be at Supercon in Miami all weekend, hopefully having a good time.  Come say hi and junk!

Also, another Gantz to end it this week.

Don't forget... SPOILERS!!!!!

Here goes...

One Piece

On the cold side of the island, the Slime is still spittin'!  Since Sanji is one of the only ones that can, and the best candidate, he decides to jump in the water to retrieve the samurai's torso.  In the lab, Law leads Monet away so Chopper can do his thing.  Back to the battlefield where Luffy has captured Ceaser Clown, Luffy demonstrates his Haki abilities.  He also demonstrates his tolerance to poison, something that he picked up in Impel Down.  Ceaser uses Slime to create a huge explosion... twice.  This seems to take down Luffy... for about a second as he comes back with a Jet Stamp from behind!  He grabs Ceaser behind, only to fall asleep.  Looks like Ceaser wasn't just fodder for the power of the Gomu Gomu.  Back to the lab again, and Law clutches his chest and falls over.  Someone appears and Law knows who it is... but we don't.


It's the end of Edo Tensei.  Do we get the action I wanted.  Hell no!  We get to see another Uchiha flashback.  We see how Itachi meets Tobi, and some things are expanded upon, but this is basically another rehash.  Only this time, it's the "truth" to Sasuke as they are Itachi's actual memories.  It ends with Itachi saying a heartfelt goodbye.  Really not as lame as I made it sound... but I wanted some ass-kicking!


Byakuya is just owning these two Quincy with Senbonzakura.  Looks like Renji's theory was proven wrong. Byakuya suggests that he's about to use his bankai, and it's known that they can seal bankai.  So he directs Renji to use his if Senbonzakura is sealed.  Renji says that they shouldn't use bankai at all because of this, but Byakuya refutes that these enemies are powerful enough that bankai is necessary.  The rest of the captains in the fray pretty much say the same thing, and we get some neat panels of them releasing bankai.  The Quincy smile, pull out their little doohickeys and stop all the captains simultaneously.  Byakuya realizes that their bankai are not sealed but actually stolen.  Great.  So know four of the highest ranking shinigami are pretty much done for.

We start with the rest of the stripped captains in shock that their swords are gone, and Hitsugaya orders Matsumoto to use that communication technique to warn the other captains.  Of course this makes Mayuri angry as he wasn't finished analyzing the Quincy, which is apparently bad because it's taken him this long already.  We cut to Shunsui fighting a Quincy that uses guns.  The Quincy shoots him, right in the freakin' face!  But since Shunsui is just a badass, he only loses an eye.  Meanwhile, Renji is about to release bankai, but reversing his decision from last week, Byakuya stops him.  Renji wants an answer to this catch-22.  Well, according to the 12th division, that answer might be Ichigo Kurosaki.  Who would've guessed!


Tsuna goes home and the Arcobaleno have their meeting.  They pretty much reiterate that there is no way they can escape this alive, with much disagreement.  Tsuna goes down to the kitchen to find Lambo who wants some juice.  By watching Lambo solving his problem, Tsuna gets an idea.  He needs to find the missing piece.  So he flies off and meets up with the likes of Mukuro, Byakuran, and even Xanxus to ask for help.

We see Tsuna passed out like a bum in the middle of town.  Kyoko wakes him up and asks for the charm that they made.  She wants to add more wishes to it.  The Tsuna remembers the parts we didn't see from last week.  Tsuna also met Talbot, the ancient weapons maker to discuss with him how he can win this battle and keep the Arcobaleno alive.  Basically he thinks that if he injects the pacifiers at the correct time with each of the seven flames, it'll work kind of like what Bermuda did.  Reborn meets up with Tsuna and tells him how the Arcabaleno meeting just turned into a big scuffle.  Tsuna takes Reborn somewhere else and the basically sits him down and tells him what's what.  How the student will now become the teacher, and all that jazz.

And the Winner:

Week 22 goes to One Piece.  Who the hell can take down Law by entering the room!  Better be someone good!

Week 23 goes to... I guess Bleach.  Because Shunsui's a badass.


8 3 6 6
One Piece Naruto Bleach Reborn!

Bonus Chapter:  GANTZ

Kei and Tae are ready to go home.  Cutting to Nishi, it seems that, to my recollection, this is the hardest he's been broken.  He's yelling at Kei and then demanding a transfer.  When he realizes he's not getting it and the tower he's in is falling down around him, he gets in the fetal position and cries for his mommy.  And that's no figure of speech!  This is what he is literally doing.  Kei and Tae are cruising along, and they think something is weird.  Maybe because the war is over.  Nah, they're just getting sucked into the vacuum of space, that's all.  They clutch each other, plummet towards Earth, and then hover over the skyline.  They've finally made it home.

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