Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Shane Helms is THE MAN!

I just want to let everyone know (as if you really needed further proof) that Shane Helms is THE MAN!  I don't know what happened, but I ordered a Vertebreaker shirt back in March, and it still hadn't arrived as of last week.  I sent THE MAN a friendly e-mail just asking about it, as I assume that his operation is run by himself and a few others at most.  I know he's been through a bit the last couple months, with a new kid on the way among some other things, so I was really just curious as to what was up more so than upset about this matter at all.  I come back from vacation and check my mail today to get a package.  I opened it up and found this.

That's right, not only the t-shirt, but a PERSONALLY autographed 8X10 from THE MAN himself!  This was totally unnecessary and I am extremely thankful!  I might have been lethargic from the weekend trip, but this certainly perked me right up!

So extreme thanks go out to Shane Helms.  Keep healing up, and if LLUSA ever comes around Tampa or Orlando, you can bet your ass I'll be there!

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  1. That's awesome! Shane Helms has seemed like a straight up cool dude on his twitter and it's great that he went out of his way to get you some extra stuff.