Thursday, January 26, 2012

Weekly Jump Off 3

Week 3! 

Sorry, this one's not gonna have any pictures or any huge summaries.  I am SWAMPED this week.  On top of school work I've been moving into a new apartment this whole week, trying to use almost every free minute I have packing and moving.  It's very taxing, but I wanted to at least score it this week.

Don't forget... SPOILERS!!!!!

Here goes...

One Piece
A bunch of classic One Piece style moments ensue as the crew is navigating the depths of the ocean to their next location.  They get caught in and undersea whirlpool, or Warp Zone as Luffy likes to call it.  They get some help from Brook who soothes a pod of whales to help them on their journey.  They finally reach the surface, which as the best way they describe it, it looks like hell.  Luffy responds, "Perfect".

Super action-packed chapter.  Guy almost uses the Eighth gate to combo with Kakashi using Mangekyou as the five beasts are all about to fire tailed-beast bombs at our heroes.  When... Willikers!  Naruto jumps in (with a new outfit I'm sure to see cosplayed soon), fully synched with Kurama to take out all of those bombs.  Naruto continues to totally own the other bijuu when they are all commanded to combine their powers to make the Captain Planet of all beast bombs.  Naruto makes one just as big to negate it and the chapter stops there.  Also, Guy references the Godzilla movie Destroy All Monsters.

Tsuna regresses to the retarded child he once was not recognizing Reborn in his adult form the whole time.  He learns a couple of things, remembers who he is, and gets back into the fight.  Decent chapter all around.

And the Winner:
Not a bad chapter in the house this week.  Reborn for story, One Piece for style, and Naruto for nonstop action.  The action won me over this week.  So your winner, and January champion... Naruto!


1 2 0 0
One Piece Naruto Bleach Reborn!

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