Friday, January 13, 2012

Weekly Jump Off 1

So, I've had this idea for a bit now, since I still faithfully read 4 titles of the Weekly Shonen Jump, and usually talk manga briefly with friends on a semi-weekly basis.  I was going to briefly summarize them (in probably the worst ways possible) and then have a totally baseless contest to say who my "winner" of the week is for whatever reason that I feel fit.  Usually it'll be some badass,  Shonen-type moment that'll push me over the edge.  Maybe my favorite character will get a lot of action that week, who knows!?  I'll also throw in a fancy* collage for each one. And maybe I'll have an overall monthly/yearly winner... something fun.

This can be all up for debate, as well!  I can tell you why you're wrong!  It'll be fun!

I'm also current with Gantz and D.Gray-man, so I might add those as bonus chapters when they come around, as they are more sporadic.  And if I can get enough focus, I'll work on getting current with Toriko and up to Jojolion.  We'll cross that bridge when we get there, though.

But remember one thing before you venture forward... SPOILERS!!!!!

Here goes...

One Piece
There's a problem... as a fail-safe on some of their treasure (which they gave to the Straw Hats), the fishmen booby-trapped one of the chests with as many bombs as they could pack in it.  Luffy exchanged this treasure previously to Big Mom to keep her fat ass out of Fishman Island.  So what does Luffy have to say to these new developments?  "So frikken' what?".  Meanwhile, Caribou gets beat up again.  Later we get to see the return of the now Vice Admiral Smoker and Captain Tashigi.

So Naruto, being stuck in the Four Tails' mouth, has this brilliant idea of escaping... by making him puke!  This works, and Naruto decides to free the beast from Tobi as he'll have another powerful ally.  He finds the binding stake and grabs it with his controlled kyuubi-ness, but it's just not that easy as the stake binds anything it touches.  This won't stop Naruto, as since Tobi apparently doesn't read this manga, and one flashback later, he uses a clone.  Who would've guessed?  However, the clone goes Sage mode and pushes the stake from the inside while the kyuubi infused Naruto pulls.

Ichigo busts in Soul Society with his balls out.  Rose, Shinji, and Kensei got their old jobs back (so that's where they've been!).  And Ichigo want's Ginjou's body to bury it in the physical world.  That's pretty much it.  It ends with Riruka disappearing, thus (hopefully) ending this arc once and for all.  What arc are you going to pull out of your butt next week, Kubo?

Hibari is about to take on the entire Varia minus Xanxus.  Viper is shaking in his little boots so much he decides to wake up Daddy Xanxus.  And then...  Cockblock #1.  Tsuna then has to decide if he's with or against Team Colonello.  Uni pretty much makes his decision for him, but Tsuna decides to stick with them.  So Colonello fires off his Maximum Rifle and Teams Reborn and Uni prepare for impact.  Gamma is planning on stepping in the way of the shot, as well as Reborn plans to release his curse.  Byakuran decides this ain't happening, for Cockblock #2 (the Reborn part of it, anyway).  Cool little flashback of why Byakuran is good in this timeline, and BAM!  He takes the blow and Tsuna prepares for Cockblock #3.

And the Winner:
Honestly not a lot of excitement this week.  A few okay moments, but really a dull way to start the year.  I give it to One Piece this week for the single panel Smoker appearance.  Reborn almost had it, as I don't necessarily mind "cockblocks" in manga (they keep you wanting more, sometimes), but Smoker was just slightly more exciting to me.


1 0 0 0
One Piece Naruto Bleach Reborn!

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