Friday, January 20, 2012

Weekly Jump Off 2

Alright... on to Week 2!  There's week was definitely better than last week on the whole.

Bleach is taking a three week break... hopefully so Kubo can think of some better ideas or GTFO.  Or, as a much better idea, continue and finish Zombie Powder (who am I kidding?)  Will it catch up to the rest this year?  Time will tell.

Don't forget... SPOILERS!!!!!

Here goes...

One Piece
We start of with some possible foreshadowing from Shyarly, but mostly this week is just a big sendoff chapter to end this arc and start the new one.  Classic scenes and expressions familiar to One Piece aficionados happen.  We also get to see some upgraded tech; a triple log pose.  It's used as kind of a choose your own adventure type device to help warn pirates in the New World of danger.  Of course it seems as if Luffy wants to go the most dangero... I mean FUN place.  A promise reminiscent of Arabasta is made with Shirahosi, and the Straw Hats set off for the New World, with each member reaffirming their personal dreams.  One Piece is never bad.

With the help of... himself, Naruto manages to pull the stake out of SonGoku's neck.  However that stake was just binding him to the corpse of the old four-tails jinchuuriki.  If memory serves you all, bijuu's 1-8 are all technically still bound to that statue of Tobi's.  So SonGoku gives Naruto some Respek Nucks and gets sucked back into the statue.  Meanwhile, our heroes Kakashi and Guy are faced against the 5 remaining bijuus AT THE SAME TIME.  So Naruto has a conference with the kyuubi and the kyuubi decides Naruto and him have been on enough dates, and is worthy of going all the way with him.  They drop some mad Respek Nucks and Naruto literally frees the beast.  This is what we've been waiting for.  Naruto in full synchronicity with the nine tails.  It should be a true sight to see... but not this week.

Team Uni is eliminated, as Byakuran had the boss watch when he got destroyed.  Team Verde decides now is a good time to retreat, since time is about up.  So since they left, Yamamoto has this grand idea to share a bicycle built-for-two with his best pal Gokudera.  This would be like if Zoro and Sanji were to share the same bike, so I'm sure hilarity will ensue, if we get to see it.  Tsuna decides he wants to beat Iemetsu's ass for being a ripe bastard and all around deadbeat dad his whole life.  Father and son battles are always cool, especially if you haven't seen them much in the series yet.  So, Iemetsu beats Tsuna's ass pretty flawlessly.  It makes you wonder how powerful he is, since Tsuna is powerful enough to outrun BLACK FREAKING HOLES.  Just as Iemetsu is about to finish the job, a released Reborn shows up to save Tsuna's sorry self and tell him how useless he is.  And what about Xanxus and Hibari?  Maybe next week.

And the Winner:
All three chapters left me wanting more this week, and One Piece had a VERY classic feel to it.  However, Naruto bumping fists and making homies with not one, but two separate tailed-beasts, pushed me slightly over the edge to give it the win.


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One Piece Naruto Bleach Reborn!

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